Welcome to an evocative new season infused with the refined yet dynamic spirit 
of the ancient arts and artisanal textiles of Japan.


A stunning collection of floral and tie-dye inspired wallpapers, blending the ancient arts of Japan with modernity. The range pays homage to the delicate beauty of Ikebana and the intricate patterns of Shibori dyeing. The wallpapers include intricate floral damasks, serene stripes, artistic color washes, and bold digitally printed panels, all in a wide range of gorgeous colors. The smooth non-woven grounds make these wallpapers easy to hang and perfect for creating beautiful spaces with character and style.


A mesmerizing collection of floral and tie-dye prints, inspired by traditional Japanese arts and artisanal textiles. The fabrics showcase the peaceful elegance of these ancient crafts with a bold and lively twist. The range includes delicate floral designs and bold tie-dye motifs, as well as contemporary mirrored damask patterns. These designs are digitally printed on cotton and natural linen for use in curtains, cushions, blinds, and decorative upholstery.


Contemporary wide-width linens featuring textural designs inspired by artisanal textiles. This collection includes digitally printed patterns with bold accents and ranges from subtle ombré shades on delicate net fabrics to tie-dye designs on gently tumbled grounds. The collection also features plain linens with a charming, natural beauty thanks to their slubbed texture. Additionally, all linens are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 approved, ensuring they are free of harmful chemicals.


A contemporary collection of textured upholstery weaves, inspired by Japanese weaving methods such as Sakiori and Zanshi. The range showcases the handmade appeal of traditional textile craft using modern yarns and weaving techniques for exceptional performance and practicality.

New Essentials