Design: Herbarium Ecru Medium Cotton Linen cushion

Product Code: 1-CU-HER-CL-ECR-FRI-45-BOM
RRP: $405.000 NZD

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Art imitates nature across HERBARIUM: our reimagining of the exquisite floral mosaics by Mary Delany. The epitome of a “late bloomerâ€�, the 18th century English artist began crafting her series of 985 botanically accurate collages at the grand age of 72. Now, in partnership with the British Museum, we’ve created our own paper garden – arranging Delany’s buttercups, daisies, thistles and foliage (along with our characterful additions of bugs and butterflies) atop this British-made cotton-linen cushion, complete with tactile green fringing.