Come and explore the dynamic, painterly new season of fabrics and wallcoverings, inspired by the energy and creative spirit of the Fauves movement, a modern art movement of the 20th century, known for it's striking brushstrokes and intensity of colour.


An energetic array of artistically printed floral designs and patterns takes its inspiration from the Fauves Art movement that made its debut at the 1905 'Salone d'Automne' in Paris. This collection encompasses a range of materials, from soft linens to textured cottons and opulent velvets, all channeling the lively and expressive brushwork of the movement in a vibrant colour palette, resulting in interiors that exude joy, sophistication, and an artistic touch.


Spotlight on walls: the third and most extensive collection of Scenes and Murals, presenting a diverse range of designs. This collection includes everything from large-scale painterly florals and bold graphics to geometric patterns, solid colours, and truly remarkable scenic landscape murals. Introducing new wallpaper panel designs in a wide spectrum of colours and textures, from sleek non-woven options to textured natural grasscloths, this impressive collection is sure to infuse your interior space with both drama and artistic flair.


Presenting a sophisticated assortment of jacquard-woven decorative velvets, this collection boasts four designs, each offering distinct cut velvet weave patterns and ground colours. The Cartouche design showcases a small-scale leaf motif in an elegant scrolling pattern, while Marquise presents a captivating geometric pattern. Jabot features a small-scale hexagon design, and Mazarin introduces an innovative quilted effect, perfect for enhancing upholstery, heavyweight curtains, and cushions to elevate your interior designs with a touch of opulence. These velvets are available in a versatile colour palette, ranging from neutral tones to vibrant statement hues, all within the Desigenrs Guild signature shades.


Our exceptional and renowned Mezzola vegan suede has been reimagined, now boasting an enhanced weight of 560gsm and an unparalleled softness that closely mimics the realistic nubuck suede feel. Available in a palette of 36 refined shades, ranging from nature-inspired hues to earthier tones, Mezzola Moda combines easy cleaning and durability, making it an ideal choice for demanding upholstery applications, with a martindale rating of 40k. Rest assured, it is Oeko-tex certified, providing you with added confidence in its quality and safety.



Introducing a pair of vegan leathers that add to our popular Matara series - Matara Ultima, featuring a distinctive grained effect surface, is matched with Matara Cestino, which boasts a finely woven raffia-like texture. Both of these fabrics are offered in a selection of 20 natural leather shades and come with a soft tactile backing that enhances the authentic leather feel. The Matara IV collection is designed to meet standards for both domestic and contract applications. With an easily wipeable surface, they are well-suited for all rigorous upholstery needs, boasting an impressive 100k martindale rating.

New Designer Guild Essentials