Design: Avalon Noir Large Velvet cushion Tasselled

Product Code: 1-CU-AVA-VE-NOI-TSL-60-BOM
RRP: $450.000 NZD

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The isle of Avalon is hailed in Arthurian tales as an earthly paradise, a place of magic, mysticism and supernatural beauty – traits echoed by the AVALON motif. Blooming with hand-drawn wildflowers, this cushion is made in England from luxurious British velvet and detailed with Italian tassels on each corner. To look and feel its very best, this cushion comes complete with a 100% British wool filler, plumped up to just the right volume. As well as being anti-allergy and resistant to dust mites and bacteria, wool is considered to be the most eco-friendly filling currently available.